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Rise of the Open Employment Ecosystem: Solving the Connectivity Challenges in HR, Benefits, and Fintech

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Strong connectivity between employment systems of record and third-party applications is more than a value-add for your customers; it's table stakes.

However, building that connectivity poses several challenges—especially when there are so many integrations to build.

Finch's Co-Founder and CEO, Jeremy Zhang, and Nimrod Hoofien, former Head of Engineering at Gusto, discussed how to overcome common connectivity challenges most HR, benefits, and fintech providers face.

This virtual fireside chat was recorded on May 9, 2024 and focused on:

  • How the employment ecosystem is changing and how to prepare your business
  • How other companies are overcoming their connectivity challenges with a robust integration strategy
  • Why the rise of an open, accessible, and standardized employment ecosystem is inevitable

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Jeremy Zhang
CEO + Co-Founder
Runae Lee
Head of Partnerships
Nimrod Hoofien
Former Head of Engineering at Gusto