Finch Partners With Global Employment Platform Oyster to Simplify Access to Employment Data

March 19, 2024
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Finch has partnered with global employment platform Oyster.
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Finch has partnered with Oyster, a leading global employment solution. This partnership furthers our vision of democratizing access to employment data.

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Oyster, a leading global employment solution. This partnership takes us one step closer to our vision of democratizing access to employment data by supporting innovators who are creating an integrated experience for employers.

Finch is on a mission to empower innovators to build the next generation of employment technology. Through our Unified Employment API, Finch unlocks instant access to employment data from hundreds of HRIS and payroll systems with a single integration—making it easier for developers to build useful tools for employers. 

Partnering with like-minded platforms is vital for Finch's success, which is why we’re thrilled to team up with Oyster, a leading global employment solution for compliantly hiring, paying, and providing benefits to employees around the globe.

“We’re beyond thrilled to partner with Oyster. We share a vision of empowering employers who onboard and support people around the world with the latest technology. Our partnership will help us deliver amazing integrated experiences for employers and accelerate innovation across the employment ecosystem." — Runae Lee, Head of Partnerships at Finch

Oyster at a glance

Recognized as a Leader among global employment platforms by G2, Oyster is trusted by thousands of businesses. These businesses rely on Oyster to simplify and automate hiring, onboarding, payroll, and employee rewards processes as well as to develop sustainable global talent strategies. As a popular Global Employment Platform (GEP), Oyster is designed to meet compliance standards in 180+ countries, which makes it a lucrative choice for global enterprises. 

Employers love Oyster because it provides access to deep local intelligence that can be used to build a competitive global employment strategy and a single platform to hire, onboard, pay, and care for talent without the need to open a legal entity in multiple countries. This saves time and costs, reduces administrative burdens, and simplifies compliance requirements associated with global hiring, payroll, benefits, and more. 

Oyster integrates with several HR tools including popular HRIS and ATS tools to help employers build custom workflows and improve team productivity.

Oyster and Finch: Shaping the future of employment

Oyster is committed to assisting innovators in creating solutions for a connected future of work, aligning well with Finch's mission to unify the fragmented employment ecosystem. This partnership highlights our shared goal and dedication to advancing employment technology.

Navigating a closed Employment Ecosystem

The rapid growth of the HR tech landscape over the past decade has caused employment data to be dispersed and siloed across thousands of payroll and HR systems—causing inefficiencies and blocking innovation across the employment ecosystem. To create a seamless user experience, HR systems must be able to interact with one another and share information easily.

However, building integrations and forming 1:1 partnerships is an uphill battle that requires a considerable investment of time, money, and talent, both upfront and on an ongoing basis.

What the Finch + Oyster partnership means for the future of employment

By fostering a close relationship with Oyster, Finch continues its mission to democratize access to the employment ecosystem. Together, we aim to lessen the integration woes for developers and employers in several ways:

1. Enable developers to unlock employment data in minutes: For years, data silos have been a burden on tech applications in the employment space, requiring an outsized investment in building 1:1 integrations and siphoning resources from product-enhancing initiatives. 

With this new partnership, approved developers can use Finch’s unified API to seamlessly read data from Oyster, enabling innovative use cases and solutions. Businesses can now focus 100% of their efforts on building tools that help employers create a productive, engaged workforce. At the same time, by partnering with Finch, Oyster can expand its network of developers and accelerate innovation for SMBs. 

“Delivering an integrated experience to our customers is the driving force behind all of our partnership efforts at Oyster. Working with Finch is a great opportunity for us to simplify integration-based partnerships and encourage more developers to connect with Oyster, ultimately providing a better user experience for our shared customers. We’re excited to support innovation and tackle unique use cases across the employment tech space with Finch.” — Mark Frein, Chief Operating Officer at Oyster

2. Create an integrated employer experience: Employers are turning away from data silos and manual data entry practices and looking to invest in integrated experiences in the workplace. This partnership presents a great opportunity for developers to use Finch’s API to create a connected experience or embed Oyster’s global hiring functionality into their platform.

With Finch Connect, employers can now connect their Oyster accounts and start syncing data with other third-party applications in their tech stack in a fraction of the time—eliminating hundreds of hours each pay period required to manually assist HR workflows.

How the integration works

Developers who build B2B applications with Finch can now enable users to connect their Oyster accounts through a simple workflow that is baked into their application. Using Finch Connect, employers can safely grant permission to access data housed in Oyster to the third-party applications they use.

Finch Connect can be displayed at any point in an application’s customer flow and handles credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each system Finch supports—including Oyster. With Finch Connect, employer onboarding time is significantly reduced compared to antiquated integration methods—making it simpler for Oyster users to onboard with any third-party platform they need. 

Once the employer has completed the process with Finch Connect, our Unified Employment API starts syncing data between the two platforms, enabling various use cases. By establishing data flow from Oyster to third-party applications, this integration can enable use cases like these: 

  • Automated employee onboarding in training modules, dashboards, and directories based on criteria like start date or title
  • Increased employee engagement through automated rewards and recognition triggered by milestones like anniversaries and promotions
  • Simplified benefits eligibility checks and enrollment processes
  • And much more

Learn more about Oyster’s API by visiting their integrations page. Or, if you’re building your Oyster integration via Finch, check our developer docs.

Unlock employment data with Finch

As the #1 Unified Employment API, Finch allows users to access organization, payroll, and deduction data across multiple payroll and HRIS systems, including Oyster, through a single integration. Talk to our sales team to learn how we can help.

If you’re an HRIS or payroll provider, increase compatibility with third-party applications by partnering with Finch. Contact us for partnership information.

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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