We empower innovators to access the global employment ecosystem

The world is moving towards more standardized, open, and interconnected data systems.

However, employment infrastructure remains complex, closed, and fragmented.

Our mission is to democratize access to the infrastructure that underpins the employment sector, unlock much-needed innovations, and create tremendous products for employers and employees.


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Core values

Our values are essential to who we are. They reflect what we expect from each other and inform every decision we make.


Making the wrong decision and learning from it is more valuable than making no decision at all. We make mistakes but we fall forward so we are always actively progressing as a team.


Constantly looking for ways to learn and push outside comfort zones expands the aperture of opportunity. We share our collective perspectives to reach outcomes that few others can see.


Accepting our own shortcomings and being honest about the limits of our strengths allows us to fill in each other's gaps. We can better work with others and improve our collective chance of success by removing ego from the equation.


Recognizing the perspectives and motivations of all stakeholders allows for a deeper understanding of the core challenges we're overcoming. Spending the extra effort to identify the key areas of alignment helps us build trust within the team and with external partners.

Our world-class backers

We’re fortunate to be working with some of the incredible investors behind companies like Plaid, Stripe, and Twillio.

Pedro + Henrique
Co-CEOs at Brex
Jeff + Wayne
Co-CEOs at Digits
Sam Hodges
CEO at Vouch
Immad Akhund
CEO at Mercury
Roger + Paul
Co-Founders at Human Interest
Charley Ma
Former Head of Growth at Plaid
Sima Gandhi
Former Head of Biz Dev at Plaid
Sarah Niyogi
Former General Counsel at Plaid
Plus many more incredible partners

We’re hiring!

Our team is growing and we're on the look out for talented people to join us on our journey.

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