The Unified API for HRIS and Payroll

Our unified API was built specifically for the employment ecosystem. Expand your coverage and capabilities with Finch.

One data model to unite every provider

There are thousands of HRIS and payroll systems on the market for employers. Our API connects these data providers through a single data model.

Standardized Data

Each provider labels and stores employment data differently. We standardize all data that's returned so you don't have to.

Automatic Typing and Classification

Our API interprets and classifies data into clear, consistent types for earnings, taxes, contributions, and deductions.

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to access supplementary data stored on employee profiles, like t-shirt size, drivers license number, and more.

Request Forwarding

For any data not included in our data model, make a direct call to the underlying provider. Finch acts as your secure authentication layer.

Power deeply integrated experiences

Onboard organizations, track payrolls, and manage deductions through a single API. Our products help you read and write employment data seamlessly.


Connect to any HR or payroll system to stay up to date on companies and employees.

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Dive into individual payruns for earnings, taxes, hours worked, and more.

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Manage deductions and contributions for benefits you create in the payroll system.

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Fast, flexible employer sign up experience

Finch Connect walks your customers through any steps required to set up a connection.

Privacy is built right in

Finch discloses data privacy practices right from the start, so end users know where and how their data is transferred.

Authentication is always secure

Depending on the provider, users connect via credentials, API token, or 3rd party admin—you can also add a fallback method.

Customer Stories

You’ll be in good company

“We chose Finch since its mission-critical infrastructure is the most reliable”

We need to have a live view into our customers’ headcount data no matter what systems they use so there’s no lapse in compliance. We chose Finch since its mission-critical infrastructure is the most reliable and offers the best coverage for our growing customer base.

Shrav Mehta

Founder & CEO


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“Finch is the best solution in its category.”

Payroll integration shouldn’t be your core competency. Like Stripe for payments and Plaid for bank accounts, Finch is the best solution in its category. It would take you longer and cost you more to reinvent the wheel.

Chris Ellis

Co-Founder, CEO


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“There were no other solutions that could ... facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically”

Frankly, there were no other solutions that could support our vision and facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically. Finch had the technology and functionality that best met our product needs.

Erika Davison-Aviles

Co-Founder & Head of Product


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“Customers who take advantage of [Finch] turn into our most successful accounts”

Finch removes friction and streamlines the process of onboarding our customers and setting up new employees down to a matter of seconds. We push Finch early in our customer journey because we know that customers who take advantage of those integrations turn into our most successful accounts.

Taylor Sell

Director of Product


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API Features

The data you need. When you need it.

24 Hours

By default, Finch requests fresh data from providers each day.


You can also refresh data on-demand, so you never miss an update.

For our assisted integrations, data is refreshed every 7 days.

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Webhooks keep you in the loop

Set up webhooks to be notified when data has changed. Webhooks management is easy with our no-code dashboard experience.

Build, test, and manage integrations with powerful dev tools

Build faster with SDKs

Build to the Finch API in your language of choice — we have backend SDKs in JavaScript, Python, Java, Kotlin and Go.

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Test for free in our Sandbox

Test our API and integrations before your production build. Connect to live provider demo accounts or simulate your own data for specific testing scenarios.

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Manage connections in the Finch Dashboard

The Finch Dashboard is the control center for our API. Configure webhooks, monitor live connection status, review API logs, and more.

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The Unified API for HRIS and Payroll

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