Unlock 360° payroll integrations

Integrate with payroll systems to streamline sponsor onboarding, automate 401(k) enrollment, and manage deductions for participants.

401(k) and retirement platforms powered by Finch


Payroll integrations offer a better experience for sponsors, but they’re expensive to build and maintain. Without the integrations sponsors need, you can quickly lose business to other vendors.


With Finch, you’re instantly compatible with the largest network of payroll providers in the industry. Say ‘yes’ to more customers with integrations to ADP, Gusto, Paychex, Quickbooks, and more.

Why Finch?

Make integrations your competitive advantage

Don’t let integrations be a roadblock

Payroll integrations have gone from a luxury to an expectation for sponsors. With Finch, you never have to worry about integrations blocking a deal.

Never ask a sponsor to upload a payroll file again

Request census data from sponsors’ payroll systems automatically. Sponsors can skip the SFTP set up process and eliminate manual data entry or file uploads.

Increase data quality and timeliness

Receiving payroll files through SFTP or manual upload too often leads to errors and delays. Increase data accuracy through our secure, automated integrations.

Use Cases

Powering the next generation of 401(k)

401(k) Recordkeeping

Connect directly to each sponsor’s payroll system so you can enroll employees and manage contributions and deferrals on their behalf.

  • Sync census data daily or weekly, depending on the provider
  • Automate enrollment for eligible employees
  • Create, update, and confirm payroll deductions for participants

Third-Party Administration

Track and review historical pay data with a direct connection to each sponsor’s payroll system.

  • Receive standardized census and payroll data across providers
  • Access detailed YTD payroll history from each sponsor’s system of record
  • Confirm who is actively enrolled in 401(k), 403b, and other retirement plans

“We’ve built hundreds of integrations ourselves...[but] if we can use a third party that will take work off our plate and still deliver the same end-user experience, why wouldn’t we?"

Drew Obston

Manager of Product Operations

Human Interest

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“There were no other solutions that could ... facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically”

Frankly, there were no other solutions that could support our vision and facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically. Finch had the technology and functionality that best met our product needs.

Erika Davison-Aviles

Co-Founder & Head of Product


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“Finch is the best solution in its category.”

Payroll integration shouldn’t be your core competency. Like Stripe for payments and Plaid for bank accounts, Finch is the best solution in its category. It would take you longer and cost you more to reinvent the wheel.

Chris Ellis

Co-Founder, CEO


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