Connect Receives Two Major Upgrades: Authentication Fallback and Configurability

March 27, 2023
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Finch Connect gets two major upgrades: authentication fallback and improved configurability

Today, we’re excited to announce two major upgrades to Connect: authentication fallback and improved configurability. These enhancements give you more flexibility and control over how employers authenticate through Connect.

Increasing Connect conversion with auth fallback

Fallback is an alternative path to authenticate when your customers are having difficulty connecting with the primary authentication method. This enables employers to connect through Finch without the need to contact support.

How it works

Authentication fallback is now live for Finch Connect

If an employer attempts to authenticate through Connect and cannot complete the primary authentication method, Connect will display instructions for the employer to connect manually as a fallback option. Once Finch sets up the account, the data for this connection will flow through the Finch API as usual. Check out our docs for a complete list of providers and more implementation details.

Improved configurability of Connect

Finch may display various authentication methods to employers depending on different providers. Several common examples of authentication include credential auth, OAuth, and API keys. Each authentication method has its pros and cons, some of which include friction to connect, cost to employers, and data refresh frequency.

The new and improved authorization configurability allows you to decide what configurations to enable in Connect across providers, including:

  • Which methods to show as the primary method in Connect
  • Which methods to disable in Connect
  • Which providers to hide in Connect

To learn more, read the configuration docs for more details.

Getting started

Both Connect updates are immediately available. Please reach out to Sales or your Account Manager to enable authentication fallback and config. If you don’t have API keys yet, you can sign up for a free account today!

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