The future of B2B fintech is connected

Leverage verified employment data from 200+ HRIS and payroll systems to power financial insights, compensation benchmarking, company equity programs, and more.

B2B fintech platforms powered by Finch


B2B fintech platforms help employers manage their finances, but providing accurate insights can be a challenge when data sources aren't kept up to date.


Finch enables employers to quickly and securely connect their payroll and HRIS data, so you can provide insights on pay, operational expenditure, and more in real time.


Make integrations your competitive advantage

Unlock hundreds of data sources with one integration

Payroll and HRIS systems hold valuable data on organizations and employees, but building 1:1 connections isn’t scalable. Accelerate your integrations roadmap with our unified API.

Quick, secure authentication with Finch Connect

Unlock organization, payroll, and benefits data with direct connections to employers' payroll and HRIS systems. Employer authentication takes just 30 seconds.

Eliminate CSVs, flat files & SFTP servers

Manually updating employee data across systems is a hassle for Finance and IT teams. Regularly sync data via our secure API — no more CSVs, flat files, or SFTP servers required.

Use Cases

Power the next generation of B2B fintech apps with a single API

Financial Planning & Analysis

Employees are the biggest expense for any business. Empower decision-makers with detailed headcount cost data to supercharge their financial planning process.

  • Help employers connect their payroll and HRIS data in just 30 seconds
  • Unlock insights based on income and employment data from hundreds of providers
  • Forecast headcount expenses across departments

Compensation Management

Build fair and equitable compensation benchmarks with data-driven insights from payroll and HRIS.

  • Use payroll data to build detailed compensation benchmarks
  • Monitor compensation trends based on title, department, location, and start date
  • Pull historical data for deeper data analysis

Equity Management

Help employers create and manage owners of their company, with direct access to employment data like start date, termination date, employee type, and more.

  • Auto-enroll new employees based on start date
  • Time options expiration dates based off of employee termination data
  • Expand your view into total compensation for equity holders

“Decision-makers need a comprehensive view of their employee's costs...Finch helps us build that view”

Employees are the largest expense for most businesses, meaning that decision-makers need a comprehensive view of their employee’s costs to build smart, sustainable headcount planning strategies. Finch helps us build that view for a broader range of customers.

Bijan Moallemi

Co-Founder & CEO


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