Build benefits
products. Not payroll integrations.

Finch helps you integrate with your customers' HRIS and payroll systems, so you can streamline employer onboarding, benefits enrollment, and deductions management.

Employee benefits platforms powered by Finch


Benefits platforms need frequent updates on employee eligibility and elections, but manual data entry, CSV uploads, and SFTP too often lead to delays, errors, and a poor user experience.


HRIS and payroll integrations help you streamline the benefits experience. Help employers onboard quickly, enroll new employees as they join, and update contributions and deductions automatically.

Why Finch?

Make integrations your competitive advantage

Support more integrations, with lower engineering costs

Building and maintaining integrations with every HRIS and payroll system isn’t scalable. With Finch, you’re instantly compatible with any provider in our network.

Enroll employees and manage deductions automatically

Enroll employees into benefits and customize their payroll deductions. With Finch, you have the flexibility to update deduction amounts each payroll cycle.

Reduce administrative errors and delays

Finch helps your operations team sync customer data quickly and securely. No manual data entry, CSVs, or SFTP servers required.

Use Cases

Powering the next generation of employee benefits

Fringe Benefits

Help employers increase engagement and retention with fringe benefits. Use employment data to power personalized programs and insights for employees.

  • Streamline enrollment with an automated onboarding process
  • Write pre- and post-tax deductions directly to the payroll system
  • Save time and engineering resources required to support new integrations

Financial Wellness

Help employers offer financial wellness benefits like earned wage access, student loan repayment, financial education tools, and more.

  • Get notified of new employees, compensation changes, and promotions
  • Build out employee profiles with current and historical income data
  • Use individual and employment data to power KYC automation

“There were no other solutions that could ... facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically”

Frankly, there were no other solutions that could support our vision and facilitate writing payroll deductions automatically. Finch had the technology and functionality that best met our product needs.

Erika Davison-Aviles

Co-Founder & Head of Product


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“Finch is the best solution in its category.”

Payroll integration shouldn’t be your core competency. Like Stripe for payments and Plaid for bank accounts, Finch is the best solution in its category. It would take you longer and cost you more to reinvent the wheel.

Chris Ellis

Co-Founder, CEO


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“Customers who take advantage of [Finch] turn into our most successful accounts”

Finch removes friction and streamlines the process of onboarding our customers and setting up new employees down to a matter of seconds. We push Finch early in our customer journey because we know that customers who take advantage of those integrations turn into our most successful accounts.

Taylor Sell

Director of Product


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