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April 6, 2022
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To reduce the uncertainty that only adds to the stress, Finch is committed to a policy of hiring transparency. Here's what you can expect from us.

Job searches and exploratory calls are daunting, and we get it! All of us have been there at some point—and trust us, it’s not any easier on our side. From filling out the application to conducting research and negotiation, it’s a delicate balance between art and science.  

To reduce the uncertainty that only adds to the stress, Finch is committed to a policy of hiring transparency. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Clear expectation-setting during the first phone call.
  • Updates within 48 hours after each interview.
  • No take-home challenge. We believe collaboration and conversations drive us forward and would rather spend our time talking through ideas together.

All we ask is that you come prepared to share your experiences, express your thoughts, and just be yourself! At the end of the process, you'll have a good sense of life at Finch. Ready to build with us?    

Why Finch?


Finch’s API helps refine the relationship between employers and employees by unlocking access to employment data across many closed systems: payroll, benefits administration, equity management, and more. Starting with payroll and HRIS (5,700+ systems) we’re already powering applications that help thousands of employers improve pay equity, provide access to mental health benefits, measure the ecological impact of their organization, and much more.


Finch is a remote-first company. Our team members are located across the United States and Canada. We stay connected as a team by collaborating in our virtual office and gathering for local meet-ups and company offsites. Visit our BuiltIn page to learn more about our culture and how you can make an impact. We’re passionate about our company values of execution, curiosity, humility, and empathy.


We care about every individual’s well-being and work-life balance Benefits and perks matter! Some of our benefits include health insurance, paid family leave, flexible vacation time, wellness stipend, and more.

Our Interview Process

Finch follows a standardized interview process and evaluation system to reduce the impact of unconscious bias.

Application Review

Browse through our open roles and submit your resume. If you don’t see a role that’s a fit for you, email us at We’ll reply shortly.

Pro Tip: First impressions matter! Double-check for accuracy and grammatical errors. Saving documents as PDFs help preserve your original formatting. We want to hear about your career growth and how you’ve led changes in your previous roles. Uploading supporting documents is helpful but not required.    

Introduction Call

You’ve made it to the intro call! We’ll take this time to learn more about each other and review logistics. Please ask questions about Finch! If there’s a mutual fit, we’ll reach out to schedule a second-round interview.

Second Round Interview

Our hiring manager will dig into your professional history, the high and low points of your roles, and your motivations. They’ll ask you to talk about the specifics of your last few roles in depth.

Pro Tip: Come prepared to talk about a complex project you’ve worked on. It should be related to the role you’re applying for. You will be asked to break down the project in detail, your responsibilities, challenges you faced, and lessons you learned for future improvement.

Virtual Onsite

You’ve made it to the final interviews, and all of us are rooting for you! Our onsite process usually has three to four interviews. You’ll be speaking with peers and managers across the company. We’ll share additional details over the phone beforehand.

Reference Check

After the onsite, we’ll reflect on your journey. Our offers are contingent on successful reference checks. Please have three professional references ready (peer + managers) who have worked with you in the past. We’ll discuss their experiences working with you, your ability to collaborate, and your ability to navigate through ambiguous situations.


Congratulations, we are excited to grow with you! The Finch team is open to providing additional advice and insight. Ultimately, we hope that you’ll make the decision that’s right for you.

General Tips

  • Preparation is key for any successful interview. We encourage you to review the job description and check out our careers website for details on our values and workplace experience.
  • Review the role and responsibilities.
  • Review our business or engineering interview guides.
  • Check out our doc center and explore our demo.
  • Meet the Team!
  • Don’t be humble: We love team players, but in interviews, we want to hear about your accomplishments. The interview is the best time to brag about yourself, and we would much rather hear “I” than “we.” Talk about your individual numbers, achievements, promotions, etc.
  • Provide examples: We want to hear specific examples of your strengths and areas that you are working on improving. Failures provide important learning opportunities and show that you are looking to grow outside of your comfort zone.
  • Introspection: When interviewing virtually, it can be difficult to read body language and gauge the room. To combat this, we recommend asking clarifying questions followed by, “Did that answer your question, or is there anything I can elaborate on?”

Your recruiter and hiring manager will be key partners. Leverage them to set yourself up for success. Email if you have questions!

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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