Introducing Real-time Status Updates with Finch Webhooks

November 20, 2023
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Get real-time updates on the status of jobs and connections with Finch Webhooks. It's the next step in effortless API management.

We're excited to share that Finch now supports real-time webhooks for all customers on our scale plan. Finch Webhooks help you monitor connections and sync jobs, and notify you when data has changed. This helps you keep your applications up to date with the freshest employment data available.

What webhooks does Finch offer?

Finch offers 3 types of webhooks, account update events, job completion events, and data change events.

  • Account update events contain information about account connections, such as when a connection has been established or needs to be refreshed. Use these webhooks to determine when a new connection is fully set up and ready to begin syncing data.
  • Job completion events fire when a data sync job finishes running, whether the final state is a success or an error. Use these webhooks to trigger workflows or notify customers when a sync has completed.
  • Data change events fire when data from a connection has been created, updated, or deleted — after the initial data sync has been completed. You can subscribe for updates on all data, or just for specific endpoints. You can find a demo of data change event webhooks here.

Set up secure, scalable webhooks in our Dashboard

We designed Finch Webhooks to empower our developers to build seamless and secure applications. With webhooks, there’s no need to make repeat data requests to find out what data has changed. Easily configure webhooks in the Dashboard, and start receiving notifications in real time.

Check out the demo below to learn how to set up your first webhook.

Easy setup
To set up a new webhook, simply register an endpoint in the Dashboard, and use our documentation to understand the structure of each event type.

Real-time notifications
Webhooks make it easier to get notified of updates instantly. Once you’ve set up your webhooks, you’re ready to receive updates in real time. 

Scalable and secure
As your business grows, so do your needs. Fortunately, Finch webhooks are built to scale—so whether you're handling ten employer connections or ten thousand, performance will remain consistent and reliable. Our webhooks are also signed by Finch so you can verify that the data you're receiving is coming from us.

Get started with Finch Webhooks today

Ready to try? If you’re already a customer of Finch, hop into our webhooks documentation to get started. You can also sign up for Finch today for free.

💡 Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2023 and has been updated to include data change events.

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