Mosaic and Finch — A strategic partnership powering modern business finance

February 10, 2021
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Mosaic is building the future of strategic finance by empowering companies of all sizes to make better financial decisions.

Mosaic is building the future of strategic finance by empowering companies of all sizes to make better financial decisions.

In today’s SaaS-driven world, the data business leaders need to make effective decisions is siloed across many different systems. When critical financial information lives in disjointed tools like ERP, CRM, and HR platforms, it is almost impossible to get a real-time view of your business.

Mosaic has built a next-gen financial reporting and forecasting system that seamlessly integrates data from key business systems (Billing, ERP, CRM, HRIS) into a single source of truth that can act as a compass for business leaders. By tackling this complex data integration problem, Mosaic enables modern teams to spend time on strategic and forward-looking growth initiatives.


📈 70% of SaaS company spend is driven by employees. Understanding the cost of your people is vital for efficient growth. Finch enabled Mosaic to rapidly serve companies using a wide range of HR Systems.

📐 20+ key metrics — Integrating Payroll and HR data to Mosaic unlocked real-time insights into 20+ key metrics including employee churn, department costs, fully loaded cost per employee, sales efficiency metrics, and more.

94% faster integration — Finch enabled Mosaic to build connections with HR providers 94% faster than building them all in-house.

Without Finch — Building Costly in-House Integrations

Before Finch, the Mosaic team was building integrations one by one with different providers. This process varied across systems and required lengthy business development and technical discussions that stretched months.

The engineering team had to build out a data mapping system to ensure compatibility across platforms. The slow rollout of new integrations and incremental engineering efforts required meant that not all customers could unlock live workforce insights needed to run their businesses effectively.

Mosaic’s wide range of customers and use cases meant they needed to support multiple systems quickly. HR and Payroll data is a critical component of Mosaic’s comprehensive strategic finance platform — without it, they wouldn’t be able to provide detailed insights into the largest expense for most businesses.

Employees are the largest expense for most businesses, meaning that decision-makers need a comprehensive view of their employee’s costs to build smart, sustainable headcount planning strategies. Finch helps us build that view for a broader range of customers. 

Bijan Moallemi, Co-Founder & CEO

With Finch — Seamless Expansion of Coverage

Today, using Finch, Mosaic is able to service an ever-expanding range of customers with the platform’s growing list of supported providers while saving hundreds of engineering hours. Integrating with Finch took only 4 days instead of the grueling month-long project necessary for separate connections with each provider.

Customers can now authorize Mosaic to retrieve key data from their payroll and HR systems providing actionable metrics that directly improve the health of their businesses. On the back-end, the engineering team can rely on Finch’s standardized data schema to seamlessly pull information and make live calculations regardless of the underlying provider.

  1. Finch Connect, Finch’s secure, standardized authorization flow, prompts customers to select their payroll provider.
  2. Customers authenticate their payroll accounts and authorize the key set of permissions Mosaic requests by entering their admin credentials.
  3. Voila! In a matter of seconds, Mosaic can start surfacing payroll data insights to business leaders.
The power of our platform is the ability to synthesize disparate data patterns and distill them into actionable signals. Our engineering resources need to be focused on this core imperative. Finch’s quick integration process and scalable infrastructure allows us to dedicate more engineering hours to value-driving initiatives. 

Luke Braud, CTO

Post Integration

Finch and Mosaic continue to work together to unlock new endpoints, coverage partners, and edge cases that better capture the differences in the organization structure. As Mosaic refines its powerful analytical engine, Finch can provide greater granularity into employee data to generate new metrics for tracking business health. This partnership is just the beginning.

The tools we’re building on top of Finch increase engagement across our platform. Now we can help a wider range of businesses across the country make smarter, data-driven strategic decisions. We’re excited for the future of this partnership.

Brian Campbell, Co-Founder & CPO

Finch is always looking to partner with innovative teams like Mosaic, so if you’re building a product that can leverage payroll and HR data sign up to test out our API here.

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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