Secureframe and Finch — Scaling Up Security Compliance

March 18, 2021
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Secureframe is on a mission to make the most powerful security simple and accessible for every organization.

Secureframe is on a mission to make the most powerful security simple and accessible for every organization.

Secureframe allows companies to unlock enterprise opportunities by becoming SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant within weeks, rather than months. The platform automatically monitors 25+ services to assess security practices and ensure compliance standards are met. Secureframe continuously collects audit evidence, runs security awareness training, monitors infrastructure, and more, all automatically.


🔗 30+ integrations — Secureframe uses 30+ of Finch’s integrations to address their growing range of customers that utilize different providers.

👩🏽‍💼 10,000+ individuals connected Every customer’s employees and contractors need to be accounted for to ensure they undergo multiple compliance requirements like background checks and cybersecurity training.

⏳ <30 seconds to sync Finch’s streamlined Connect Flow allows Secureframe customers to sync their workforce data in <30 seconds so business leaders can focus on higher priority compliance measures.

Without Finch — Disjointed User Experience

Before implementing Finch, Secureframe had to build integrations one at a time with each offering a disjointed user experience. Customers often had to leave the interface altogether to navigate through their payroll system, completely breaking the user flow. The support team had to walk customers through the process manually to troubleshoot issues, navigate the nuances of each system, and confirm that the right permissions were set. The rapid expansion of the platform’s customer base compounded the UX friction with every new client.

Accessing live employee information is essential for Secureframe’s customers to maintain SOC 2 compliance since every employee needs to undergo background checks, review company policies, and complete security training as soon as they join. Gathering this data is one of the first steps in the account creation process. Without a live view into the HR systems, Secureframe wouldn’t be able to offer customers powerful automation tools to make compliance easy at scale.

Compliance is not just a one-time activity. It’s an ongoing process that only gets more complex as organizations scale up. We need to have a live view into our customers’ headcount data no matter what systems they use so there’s no lapse in compliance. We chose Finch since their mission critical infrastructure is the most reliable and offers the best coverage for our growing customer base. 

Shrav Mehta, Founder & CEO

With Finch — Unified User Flow & Continuous Compliance

Today, with Finch integrated, Secureframe can allow customers to seamlessly sync their HR system and move onto higher value compliance tasks. The entire process was reduced to <30 seconds vs. 10–15 minutes seen previously with a more fragmented user experience that often required live support.

  1. Customers select their HR provider within Secureframe’s dashboard.
  2. Customers authenticate their account using Finch Connect, Finch’s secure, standardized authorization experience that embeds explicit data permissions.
  3. Fin! In a few seconds, Secureframe can start automating security compliance as customers scale up their teams.

Now, with access to live census data via Finch, Secureframe can automatically add new employees and contractors to compliance checklists so there’s a minimal lapse in compliance for customers. As the platform’s customers grow their headcount Secureframe can work in the background to ensure best practices are reinforced across the organization in real-time.

Integrations are an important part of Secureframe’s platform since we have to monitor a wide range of vendors for our customers. Syncing with HR systems was a top priority as it allows us to automate individual employee compliance. Finch’s single integration unlocked support for many HR systems. 

Natasja Nielsen, Founder & CTO

Post Integration

Secureframe and Finch are just starting to unlock compliance automation using workforce data. Live employee data can be used to identify key stakeholders responsible for different security processes, proactively reach out to individuals that need to re-take security training, and more.

At Finch, we’re excited to partner with game-changing platforms like Secureframe. If you’re interested in exploring workforce data, reach out to us here and start building on our API.

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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